Portrait of Mike Fedorka standing in front of a building
My name is Michael Fedorka and I would like to work for you — which is why I am proud to announce my candidacy for Lackawanna County Commissioner.
I am a current three term, Dickson City CouncilMember and former council president. I am a former Dickson City borough manager, and I served with the Dickson City Zoning Board as Vice Chairman and also Secretary. I am currently serving as a Dickson City Planning Commission Member, which includes 23 consecutive one year terms as chairman of the Dickson City Planning Commission. During my tenure I have worked with developers, owners, engineers, etc. I have helped facilitate hundreds of millions of dollars in development and investments in Dickson City. These new developments include commercial, medical and hospital facilities, retail development, residential and housing developments have brought hundreds of permanent and temporary high-paying jobs to Dickson City.
More important as Chairman and member of the Dickson City Planning Commission, I have worked with a fine group of volunteer Dickson City Planning Commission members, we have helped Dickson City and all of Lackawanna County become the place where we shop, dine, where we work and where we live.

This is my home, and I pledge to all the people of Lackawanna County, that I will continue to work timelessly to make Lackawanna County a destination point for business and development.
Mike Fedorka standing over plans the size of a desk and signing them.Mike Fedorka talking to two neighbors who are sitting on their swing in front of their house in Lackawanna County while knocking doors for his campaign for county commission.
I humbly ask for your vote to be your Democratic nominee on Tuesday, May 16, 2023. I promise I will work hard for all of Lackawanna County.
Mike Fedorka